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Handua round 10 inches air diffuser with 10 inches damper. This diffuser, featuring step-down rings, is specifically designed to cover duct openings. Our product guarantees optimal airflow, while its sleek and straightforward design will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

*With a diameter of 10 inches and 3 vent rows, the round ceiling diffuser offers precise sizing for optimal air distribution. The damper is included.
*Embodying a powder-coated white finish, the ceiling diffuser exhibits resilience against flaking, scratching, and fading, granting your home or office space a contemporary appearance while maintaining a refreshing atmosphere.
*Crafted from heavy-duty steel, this diffuser ensures robustness and long-lasting performance. 
*The round diffuser incorporates concentric rings strategically designed to deflect the air in a 360-degree pattern, effectively enhancing air circulation.