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Top Reviews

Happy Customer
Steve R. on 30 Nov, 2021
This was so easy to install! My old one was getting rusty spots. I was like, let me see if I can. I did it! It was such a great deal too; less than I found elsewhere. It's sturdy too. Definitely not cheapy; I was worried it might be.
Happy Customer
Marci on 5 Jan, 2023
What we had there was disgusting and hoping we could find what we needed and we did! It’s perfect and has made the renovated living room complete! Thank you for your product and fast service!
Happy Customer
Debbie G. Feb 12, 2021
Ordered this to replace an old, ugly grill that had been painted over dirt/dust/rust. It fit perfectly and I was able to simply exchange the removable grill itself for now. When I get around to painting this wall, I'll change out the frame as well. The very best piece of information that helped me know which one to order: The grill size is determined by the filter size...perfect.
Happy Customer
F.G Sep 26, 2019
Perfect fit for replacing an old, dirty air return grill in our new home. Easy to install and fit well to cover the opening in the original, circa 1975 duct. Thanks. We were happy to find such an item still available.
Happy Customer
Anita April 11, 2022
Perfect fit. Not tool-less assembly like the grill it replaced, but easy enough. Openings are big enough to allow good air flow to HVAC return.
Happy Customer
Chad C. May 03, 2022
Being in the hvac trade I've installed 1000's of grilles, these are quality grilles. Thank you for a great product
Happy Customer
Feb 20, 2022
I had to replace two air return grills during some remodeling, these grills fit and look great. They were easy to install using the painted screws included with the grill, all in all, a great value for the money.